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The text below is a mail I have written to the elder sister of a 17-year old girl who has had two epileptic seizures over a span of 6 months. It is included here for my opinions on the medical profession.

Who told you that Lorna has a cataract? That sounds like a diagnosis from a quack doctor.

Here a definition from one of my university medical books:


A common cause of blindness is a loss of transparency of the lens, known as a cataract. The lens becomes cloudy (less transparent) due to changes in the structure of the lens proteins. Cataracts often occur with aging but may also be caused by injury, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, certain medications (such as long-term use of steroids), or complications of other diseases (for example, diabetes). People who smoke also have increased risk of developing cataracts. Fortunately, sight can usually be restored by surgical removal of the old lens and implantation of a new artificial one.


A cataract is what men have in their seventies. That's when everything looks as if it is covered by a grey blanket. There is no medicine to treat it. Usually, they cut off the top of the eye ball and then implant a piece of plastic. But this is only done once people are severely vision impaired (need to hold somebody's arm to walk around).

OK, if Lorna wants that, I pay for the eye operation. Don't ask me to pay for medicines or vitamins to treat a cataract.

But I think that the doctor or quack doctor to whom you went just told you a story. You have to be aware that once you walk into a doctor's practice, he or she will NEVER tell you: you're fine, no problem, nothing I can do to improve your condition.

But that's often the case: in most cases of minor health problems, doctor's can do NOTHING to improve your condition. The body has many mechanisms to heal itself. You just need confidence.

That's why people have results from faith healers and quacks. The faith healers and quacks do NOTHING that actually helps. They only are experts in making people BELIEVE that once they have seen a quack or faith healer, they will be healthy, and because they believe that they will become healthy, they actually will.

This is from my university text book in neuroscience: However, most epileptic seizures have no demonstrable cause.

There will not be a solution to Lorna's seizures if you visit ever more doctors or quacks.

My migraines are caused by cheese. I can prove this: if I eat a lot of cheese for a few days, I will surely get a migraine attack and lose vision for half an hour or an hour. Sounds terrifying, but it's nothing doctors could treat. If I get migraine attacks, I stop eating cheese, or reduce quantities, and I'm fine.

With both migraines and epileptic seizures there is normally nothing anatomically wrong with the brain (or did Lorna have a serious car accident with head injuries), it's only a temporary functional problem. It can be triggered by minor events (certain foods, bright light, loud noises, lack of sleep).

If you want to try something, you put Lorna on a diet of rice, fried fish, soy beans, papaya, and bananas. Nothing else. This won't do any harm. Keep to that diet until she has another seizure (if ever she will). As long as she doesn't have one, stay with that diet.

Maybe she's sensitive to certain foods, especially industrially manufactured ones.

Stop visiting doctor's offices. Visits to doctor's offices will only instigate in her and everybody around her the idea that she is very sick. She is NOT very sick. Many people have seizures, and grow old until 90. As they become older, the seizures stop, just as the migraine attacks. Seizures don't look nice, which is why people think they are a serious disease. You don't se much from heart attacks, or liver cancer, which is why people think they are harmless until they die from it. Lorna will NEVER die from seizures. The risk is larger to die from doctors experimenting with her.



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